Territory appropriation

The territory, or area of influence, has its limits in the city of Chaco'i, the Paraguay River, Terminal Occidental, Remanso Bridge, and the International Highway to Puerto Falcon (Argentina). It is mostly flat, with variable elevations, extending through the areas comprising Terminal Occidental, the city of Chaco'i, and twelve kilometers of shore on the Paraguay River.

Planning criteria

  • Urban development of the territory on the West Bank of the Paraguay River is planned following Asuncion's road system inertia as to complement it in the new territory. Thus, Asuncion's catchment roads will be projected onto the West Bank as lines that regulate circulation, defined by circular outlines of refined and orderly geometry.
  • At least one other bridge is planned for construction to distribute the traffic that currently flows only through Remanso Bridge.
  • The zoning is defined as: habitation sectors, service/commerce habitation sectors, Terminal Occidental sector for services and logistics, and a urban tourist development sector located in the area closest to Remanso Bridge.
  • Sector planning determines usage tendencies through municipal incentives and bylaws. Through this zoning arrangement, these sectors interact producing a dynamic and bonding effect, which are characteristic of contemporary cities.
  • The area near the city of Chaco'i possesses special characteristics, as it is an archipelago composed of a body of canals that serve as rainwater pathways and conduits in case of flooding. Certain parts of this sector will be filled selectively following occupation usage criteria. Both the filling and the occupation rate will be of 50%. Therefore, in real terms, density will reach only 25%.
  • Approaching the territory from the river means establishing a bond with it, considering its variable levels as well as the construction of buildings that allow the gaze to travel its length.
  • Due to its privileged implantation characteristics, a set of avant-garde buildings is being planned in the archipelago sector, located in the area closest to the Bay of Asunción. This architectural complex will contribute to define the territory’s iconic personality.