Investment opportunities for your company

Every platform is a means of support. Its characteristics and location grant Terminal Occidental great development potential. Versatility is its main advantage, being able to accommodate the requirements of several different activities.

What follows is a tour, by way of illustration, of different lines that may be pursued as investment opportunities for your company within Terminal Occidental by providing services required in the country.


  • Multi-temperature warehousing

    Specialized warehousing for refrigerated cargo in cold rooms with dryness and temperature control. Applied refrigeration technology through freezing chambers, refrigeration tunnels, electric stackers to handle cargo, electric power generators to guarantee cold chain continuity.

  • General and specialized warehouses

    Open-air and indoor facilities adapted to stock mineral and vegetable bulk.

  • Specialized warehouse services

    Handling and transference of cargo. Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation. Cargo reception, container and bulk management.

  • Naval services

    Naval construction, maintenance, and repair.

  • Truck center

    Comprehensive service for truck fleets.


  • Areas for distribution activities

    Facilities adapted to product stocking and distribution.

    Cross-docking activities.

  • Exhibition centers

    Centralized facilities for product display and sales.

  • Area for cargo transport business

    Companies dedicated to providing land freight services, auto repair shops, parking services, gas stations.

Added value

  • Assembly

    Facilities for companies dedicated to assembling activities and delivering assembled products.

  • Call centers

    Facilities adapted with state-of-the-art communications platforms with optic fiber and Wi-Fi, to develop activities related to telephone sales as well as client acquisition and customer loyalty.

  • Inventory management

    Specialized warehouse area for activities related to stock control, inventory management, order processing, product labeling, packing, cargo customization, and invoicing.

  • Laboratories and certifying bodies

    Dedicated to quality control and product certification.

Finance and services

  • Business park

    Office buildings with whole floor spaces to house activities related to services, corporate and investment banking.

  • Services facilities

    Public service, commercial, administrative, banking, and financial offices.

  • Research centers

    Adequately fitted to develop research and academic activities, as well as applied research to productive and technological activities.

  • Convention centers

    Dedicated to hosting international venues and company training.

  • Industrial park

    Area assigned to low environmental impact industries.

Recreation and leisure

  • Food and wine area

    Cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants, catering services and event planning.

  • Hotel area

    Hotels and hospitality-related activities.

  • Health area

    Gyms, outpatient medical services, swimming pools, spas, high-performance centers.